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Environmental Policy

SB C&S Corp. and BB Softservice Corp. will actively address the protection and conservation of the environment through business activities as the distributors of IT-related commodities and services and contribute to the continuous development of a sustainable society.

  • 1. Based on our management policy and action guideline, SB C&S Corp. and BB Softservice Corp. shall:
    (1) Strive for the development of business that contribute to preventing environmental pollution and protecting the environment through providing products and services which help reduce the environmental burden
    (2) Observe the environment act and regulations relevant to our business activities and other requirements to which SB C&S Corp. and BB Softservice Corp. agree; and
    (3) Continuously improve the environment management systems to enhance the environmental performance.
  • 2. SB C&S Corp. and BB Softservice Corp. decide the environmental purpose and aim putting priority measures on the following items and to address the same by all members systematically, and revise it according to changes in the situation:
    (1) Energy saving activities (reduction of electricity consumption); and
    (2) Resource saving activities (reduction of paper wastes).

SB C&S Corp. and BB Softservice Corp. will disseminate this policy to all the employees through environmental education and public relations activities, in addition to making it public.

Yasuo Mizoguchi
President & CEO
SB C&S Corp.
April 1, 2022