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Message from CEO


There were many events that shook the world last year, and the IT market was also affected considerably. I believe the reason our company steadily achieved growth even under such circumstances was because of your continued support, and I would like to express gratitude for that continued support.

While new technologies, such as AI, IoT, 5G, and the cloud, have been evolving at an unprecedented speed, IT has spread throughout all industries and brought about a major change in business itself. Our company viewed this as a significant opportunity and has proceeded with the expansion of our business domains and investments for the future together with you.

In our corporate business, we lined up advanced cloud services at home and abroad as a subscription service promoter, and by cooperating with Japan’s largest sales network and each SoftBank group company, we propose the optimal solutions for DX (digital transformation).

In our consumer business, we take advantage of the software sales that have been continuing since SoftBank’s foundation, as well as the planning/development abilities and sales network that were cultivated in the smartphone accessory manufacturer business, and have been proceeding with the domestic deployment of the most-advanced products and service models, such as smart home appliances that are optimal for our livelihoods in Japan.

To deliver new technologies achieved by the information revolution with extraordinary speed in a mechanism and form that are easier to use for users across the country together with our sales partners and vendors—this is the role of our company that upholds the business vision of Tsunagu ~ Harnessing the power of technology for an exciting tomorrow ~.Through that role, we would like to be of some help in opening up the path to the future.

With our renewed resolution to become a company that is needed for everyone’s future, all of our employees will continuously offer high-quality services. Thank you very much for your continued support and guidance.

Yasuo Mizoguchi

SB C&S Corp., President & CEO