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Message from CEO

Message from CEO

Four years ago, SoftBank C&S spun off. With our customers’ patronage and support, we have steadily improved business results. I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude.

As technology continues to evolve, a wide range of businesses are being redefined today. The SoftBank Group regards this redefinition as an opportunity to expand and push forward with investments in business for the future.

As a company inheriting the distribution sector, which is the foundation of the group, SoftBank C&S chose “IoT – ICT of Things” for our slogan last year to challenge new markets by leveraging one-of-a-kind ICT and IoT solutions.

Our corporate business promoted digital transformation by expanding technical support and the consultation desk to accelerate the introduction of advanced IT infrastructure and cloud service businesses. In addition, we proposed new security solutions for both software and hardware in response to changes in workstyles and the new crisis arising from the increase in IoT devices.

Our mobile accessory business marked its 10th anniversary, while we received high ratings for our products with the functions and designs developed from the perspective of smartphone users. We also propose a new IoT lifestyle for homes with smart home appliances controllers and communication robots.

Our distributors, hardware and software developers, and engineers have a wide range of expertise that allowed us to provide comprehensive solutions by capitalizing on the advantages of SoftBank C&S, thereby swiftly offering customers these new solutions.

As a leader in the ICT and IoT market, our employees will further improve mobility, the ability to construct businesses, and propose solutions. We are earnestly committed to finding new markets in cooperation with our partners.

All employees will continue to focus on providing superior services that deliver customer satisfaction. In closing, I would appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Yasuo Mizoguchi

SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp., President & CEO