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Message from CEO

Time flies; it has already been a year since the company’s name was changed to “SB C&S.” Due to your continued support, we steadily improved business performance last year. Thank you very much.

In a situation where Information Technology (IT) grows substantially with technological evolution, our company has futuristically expanded business and investments.

For corporate customers, we have promptly proposed optimal solutions to our partners via our high-level technical support team in Japan and the collaboration with SoftBank Group as the demand for digital transformation and advanced IT infrastructure, such as cloud services, have increased.

In order to support the consumer business, we have been creating optimal Internet of things (IoT) products for livelihood in Japan. For this, we employed the planning and development methods of software and smartphone businesses, which are the largest businesses in Japan. Thus, we managed the domestic development of the world’s most advanced products and service models.

It is now the 39th year since SoftBank was founded and started distributing software. Many industries in the present-day market are changing, and so it is time for our company too to evolve into an enterprise of new strengths. For this, we need to expand our business domains, venture boldly into new businesses, and steer the direction of progress from “Change” to “Evolution.

All the employees desire to be team players for our customers with their renewed vigor and are determined to deliver excellent service. .
I would like to ask all of our customers for their continued support and encouragement.

Yasuo Mizoguchi

SB C&S Corp., President & CEO